Friday, January 17, 2014

Project NCR PCR and adjustable Seat

PY Hurricane bow to bow with a Swordfish
Lower freeboard by 50mm, narrower and longer than a Swordfish
Double foot well being cut out in favour of heels on deck single foot well

Scuppers being removed as I'll need a very small one on the centre line.

I was given a trashed PY Hurricane with no pedals and extensive hull / deck damage.
I'ts being converted to a 'low volume' single foot well with fixed pedals.
I'm planning for an adjustable seat and as little space for water in the cockpit as possible.
PCR rudder at the rear
NCR at the front. Front rudders generally don't work for the same reason darts don't have flights at the front, but I have a plan which I think will work

More later.

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